2015 Shared Value Forum

logo Michelle and Lynette had the pleasure of attending the 2015 Shared Value forum. The event, hosted by the Shared Value Project and NAB, created some lively and engaging discussion on how to better understand shared value and how it can help businesses, not for profits and governments who are looking to deliver new and innovative solutions to social, environmental and business challenges. Click here for highlights from the Forum.

B-Corp – recognising sustainable business

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of company committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability with the goal of redefining success in business.

We think that the process of BCorp certification is a highly effective independent tool that can be used to assess the social health of your organisation. Whether you are looking to get a quick snapshot or move all the way to full BCorp certification, we can help you navigate the process to deliver value.

Go to http://bcorporation.com.au/ for more information about certification, or talk to us about how we can help.

Litre of Light

imagesWe are so excited to see the Liter of Light Team win the 2015 Future Energy Prize in the NPO/ NGO Category.  Liter of Light is an innovative project providing light to thousands of people without access to electricity with nothing more than water, a plastic bottle and a bleach tablet.

“Liter of Light is an open source energy program using shared strength of partnerships around the world to find available technologies and community skills building. The Liter of Light is both a day and night solution that provides passive daylight as well as charged evening solar lights such as lanterns, house lights, and streetlights through local skills building and sourcing electronic parts for building the products at the base of the pyramid instead of merely retailing imported finished products.”

Lynette had the pleasure of introducing this project to the Indochina Starfish Foundation in 2012 who adopted it to provide light for families in their community.

Shared Value – From CSR to identifiying opportunity

Screen Shot 2015-06-05 at 4.09.04 pmIn this article Published in the Harvard Business Review, December 2006, Mark Kramer and Michael Porter discuss the move away from viewing CSR as a cost and the move toward viewing it as a source of opportunity and competitive advantage.   Arguing that the weakness with traditional approaches to CSR is that they focus on the “tension between business and society rather than on their interdependence”.  Those companies that can change their focus and anchor their approach within the strategies and activities of their businesses, will be poised to create a competitive advantage while working towards addressing social issues.  The authors refer to this opportunity as Creating Shared Value – “Efforts to find shared value in operating practices and in the social dimensions of competitive context have the potential not only to foster economic and social development but to change the way companies and society think about each other.”

Click here to read the full article

Pallet house in emergency response?

1425034828234-1  Angus Hughes is a 1st year Engineering student in Central Queensland, who has built the pallet house prototype – an idea he developed after seeing a similar concept being built in Haiti.  His concept though, can be built a lot faster (days rather than a month), and he is keen to bundle the pallets with the aid products transported in, training manuals and the limited additional materials required to build.  He has even tested a 3 day printer for the hinges.. He’s a really interesting young man (from an interesting family)

He has checked out the local market in Australia, and one transport alone in Rockhampton amasses 60 surplus pallets a day – just enough to build one of Angus’s houses.

Read the published article here:

Rockhampton timer house design by university students withstands Cyclone Marcia –  Architecture & Design – 24 Feburary 2015

CQUniversity Be Magazine Article – Issue 19 2014