Litre of Light

imagesWe are so excited to see the Liter of Light Team win the 2015 Future Energy Prize in the NPO/ NGO Category.  Liter of Light is an innovative project providing light to thousands of people without access to electricity with nothing more than water, a plastic bottle and a bleach tablet.

“Liter of Light is an open source energy program using shared strength of partnerships around the world to find available technologies and community skills building. The Liter of Light is both a day and night solution that provides passive daylight as well as charged evening solar lights such as lanterns, house lights, and streetlights through local skills building and sourcing electronic parts for building the products at the base of the pyramid instead of merely retailing imported finished products.”

Lynette had the pleasure of introducing this project to the Indochina Starfish Foundation in 2012 who adopted it to provide light for families in their community.