Lost Conversations ‘Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together’


lost_conversations_front_cover_200x250_for_apoListening to Grant Paulson, World Vision and Liz Skelton, The Adaptive Practice, talk in such an honest way about the experience of black and white Australians working together was one of the most powerful sessions of the CSI Collaboration for Impact Conference 2015. It feels like a book everyone in Australia should read so we can help drive change.  As set out in the preface to the book:

‘If, as Australians, we are committed to righting the wrongs of our shared history; if, as individuals, we are committed to an equitable tomorrow for every child born in the ‘lucky country’; then we need to find ways to open up the dialogue between our First Nations peoples and all Australians. As a group of Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians, we believe our country is ready to move beyond the all-too-familiar rhetoric.
It is time to have the difficult conversations with each other that can lead to real change and to a new, more authentic national identity. One which capitalises on our differences, rather than ignores them.’

Download the book co-authored by Grant and Liz: Lost Conversations – ‘Finding new ways for black and white Australians to lead together’.

Listen to an ABC RN segment from the authors.

Talking about Power – Collaboration for Impact Conference 2015

logo_lockup_topIt was an amazing opportunity to attend the Collaboration for Impact Conference.  So much of what was talked about feels central to the way we at Social Atlas work and some valuable insights came from the panel discussions. Even though sometimes the concepts might seem like common sense, it’s exciting to name those things that lead to successful partnerships or collaborations and be honest about the challenges. Key take outs for us were to focus on the long term journey – create spaces for mistakes to be made and let the end goal develop in an organic way.  Also the challenge put by the Lost Conversations authors was incredibly powerful. The value of naming power in a team and in particular being up front about this in the context of conversations between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal Australia was so well articulated.  Understanding this and having the tools to talk about it can led to greater collective power for the group.  Check out the wrap up from the conference and Lost Conversations by clicking here.

Launch of the State of Shared Value Report in Australia

Congratulations to the Shared Value Project and Social Ventures Australia for the inaugural Report on the ‘State of Shared Value in Australia’.  Great case studies are included by NAB, Lion, Nestle, Westpac and others. Listening to the panel as they presented the report, it was exciting to hear of the progress that had been made to date and the challenges for the future – keep the conversation going. Read the key findings and download a copy of the report here http://sharedvalue.org.au/2015sharedvaluesurvey/