Australian Government endorses a Shared Value

Julie Bishop, Minister for Foreign Affairs, launched the government’s new strategy on 31 August 2015.   Engaging the Private Sector: Creating Shared Value through Partnership sets out the core elements of the strategy noting that “The concept of shared value forms the foundation of our vision — that business can deliver sustainable social impact in developing countries while achieving commercial returns.”  It is really exciting to see the Shared Value conc
ept being endorsed and embraced by Government in this way.  At Social Atlas we believe that the power of Government, Corporate and Community can combine to deliver significant positive outcomes for society.  This is Shared Value in action.  Social Atlas is wocreating-shared-value-through-partnership-coverrking with a number of clients on developing responses to DFAT’s expression of interest.  Contact us if you would like to discuss this emerging Shared Value partnership opportunity.

Read the report here

The gold standard for motivating and taking care of NFPs employees

We admire AIME for so many reasons so it is not surprising to find they know how to treat their own employees. When organisations are doing great work it is often difficult work for their employees both personally and professionally. Trust AIME to know how to take the lessons they learn from the good work they are doing for others and ensure they are also creating a safe, encouraging and motivating place for their employees. Read the SVA Quarterly article on how they went about it.


Design for Social Enterprise

imagesClick here to read Ingrid Burkett’s article on using the Business Model Canvas for social enterprise.  Ingrid explores the power of the Canvas to really understand the all aspects of an enterprise, both social and commercial.  For more detail and other great resources and articles on design for social innovation contact us at Social Atlas or  refer to Knode.