Key Trends and best practice in philanthropy

amp-sva-keytrends (dragged)Social Atlas is happy to share the report released today which provides a perspective on the key trends and best practice in philanthropy in Australia.  Lynette Ryan from Social Atlas notes the report’s comments on global trends in philanthropy. Moving towards more strategic funding partnerships, a willingness to back start ups and focus on venture philanthropy.   With a call for increased transparency and collaboration to occur between philanthropists, there is great opportunity in  Australia. And while there are challenges which could hold philanthropic funders back from fully engaging with these opportunities, there is great enthusiasm and energy in the market for new and strategic ways to approach these issues.  Lynette was really interested in one particular comment at the launch – we are not looking for philanthropists to replace Government funding, just de-risk it.  The discussion and the report note the value in better engaging with effective organisations that are having an impact and in building long term shared value and strategic partnerships.

Read the report here

Field Guide to Impact Investing

1. Field Guide download (dragged)Impact Investing can be a complex topic for even the most experienced Foundations and Charitable Trusts.  At Social Atlas we believe that impact investing has an important role to play in a diverse and strategic investment strategy and giving strategy.  It is not the answer to all social issues, nor should it be the sole focus for Foundations and Trusts, but a good understanding of the opportunities will allow these organisations to deliver even more effective total impact from their funds.  Thanks to the Social Impact Hub for this practical guide to Impact Investing.  Targeted at Impact Investing for Australian Charitable Trusts and Foundations, you will find this to be a valuable resource on your Impact Investing journey.  How each individual organisation will respond to the growing move towards more strategic and impact investment will vary depending on the organisations purpose, focus and many other factors.  This resource can be used at multiple points along the impact investment journey – whether its understanding just what is meant by Impact Investing; Making a case for Impact Investing to your Organisation or designing and implementing an investment strategy which incorporates Impact.

Download the guide here

What Business Needs to Know About Sustainable Development Goals

nov15-20-dave-wheeler-sustainability-850x478Answering the question “why should business care” about the Sustainable Development Goals – Bhaskar Chakravorti notes 3 main reasons: Firstly – significant opportunity in emerging markets; Secondly – competitive pressure to be part of the solution and Thirdly – the goals can’t be realised without business participation.   We see this as a statement of the opportunity for Shared Value and and call to action for businesses to engage.  As UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon states “I’m counting on the private sector. Now is the time to mobilize the global business community as never before. The case is clear. Realizing the Sustainable Development Goals will improve the environment for doing business and building markets.”  Read the Article here and the Research referred to in the article.

Social Impact Investing – trends, opportunities and risks

We found this presentation by John Prendergast on Social Impact Investing, to be a great summary of the current landscape.  Presenting as part of a Philanthropy NZ seminar, John shares his insights from a tour of UK. While his observations are aimed at the NZ market, they apply more widely – he notes at the embryonic nature of Social Impact Investment; the need to acknowledge that not everything is suitable for impact investment and the need for the growth in investible social enterprises.  Although there are challenges, it leaves you with a sense of optimism and excitement about the role social impact investing can play as part of a wider response. Watch the presentation here: photo

The Difference Magazine – An annual report card on the indicators of poverty and exclusion in Australia

A valuable resource for corporate giving programs, high net worth individuals and community, recognising the value of good information in bringing about real change.