Program Related Investments – innovative solutions for scaling social enterprise

We are always interested to hear about new and innovative ways for philanthropists to engage with social enterprise and other for purpose organisations and initiatives.  Program Related Investments present a great opportunity for effective partnership, leveraging more impact from the philanthropic dollar –  Download the research report on how Program Related Investments could operate in Australia.

“PRIs are investments made by foundations in support of charitable purposes, with the explicit understanding that those investments will earn below-market returns, adjusted for risk and mission … (GrantCraft, ‘Program-Related Investing: skills and strategies for new PRI funders’, 2006, p2)Program Related Investments

The research was commissioned by the Department of Social Services on behalf of the Prime Minister’s Community Business Partnership and undertaken by Philanthropy Australia. 

The project:

  • researches and reports on how PRIs operate in the United States and provides evidence of the potential for PRIs to increase the effectiveness of philanthropic giving;
  • identifies options for how a similar model might operate in Australia, including providing worked examples of PRI models that are likely to suit Australia’s needs/ the Australian context; and
  • analyses the outcomes of the consultation process and recommends a model suitable for implementation in Australia.