Social Atlas announces B Corp™ certification

Social Atlas is excited to officially be part of the Business for Good movement, having recently become a Certified B Corporation.

Joining a community of over 1,600 Certified B Corporations; 120 industries in nearly 50 countries with 1 unifying goal – to redefine success in business.

What is a B Corp?

B Corporations® or B Corps™ are for profit companies who are certified by the independent B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social, environmental performance, accountability and transparency and aspire to use the power of business to solve social and environmental problems.

It is about acknowledging that we can use the power of business to create positive impact on the world and generate a shared prosperity for everyone not just shareholders.

By going through the certification process B Corp™ practices are reviewed with a detailed “for purpose” lens. The process is rigorous, independently audited and reconfirmed to ensure the high standards are being met.

In Australia we join B Corps™ such as Tom Organic, Whole Kids, Who Gives a Crap® and many more. Check out our profile and search for other B Corps here.

Here is our thoughts on how Social Atlas sees the B Corp in the context of our story so far.

Social Atlas – B Corp™ certification another milestone in our journey

It’s hard to believe it’s been over a year since Michelle and I first met and decided to launch Social Atlas. So much has happened since then its hard to know where to begin so we decided to begin with today. Today we announced our certification as a B Corp™. You can read all about B Corporations and their role in the global movement of people using business as a force for good™ on the B Corp™ website. Importantly for Social Atlas you will see that it was nearly one year ago today that I posted the first of our Interesting Things and it was all about the value of the B Corp movement.

It is no coincidence that right now, as we celebrate our first anniversary we are able to make this announcement. It is reflective of the journey Michelle and I have been on, and of the place Social Atlas holds in the evolving landscape.

When we first met, Michelle and I shared a vision for unlocking the power of effective collaboration across sectors and for using the potential of the market to bring about positive social impact. We had a theory of change. We knew that if we could help all players in the market communicate effectively and develop effective partnerships where social impact was an explicitly acknowledged goal, we could deliver real social impact. Our approach is to get to know good organisations really well, to embed ourselves and be the extra set of hands needed to focus on strategy, shared value, purpose and organisational effectiveness. From there we build and broker relationships with other organisations, whether they are in the same sector or another sector. The same approach applies to corporate, government and for purpose organisations (we don’t call them not for profit anymore but more on that later….). And the results are speaking for themselves.

For Michelle and I, this milestone is important as we can see that our vision is becoming a reality. In the current landscape where the spectrum of organisations is being blurred, we have had the privilege of working with amazing examples across this spectrum. For Purpose Organisations like First Peoples Disability Network Australia (FPDN) evolving to adapt to the new order, looking at income generation, improved efficiency and effectiveness of impact. And organisations like Clinton Giustra Enterprise Partnership CGEP, a new breed of social enterprise using the market to tackle global poverty at scale.

These new approaches are seeing a growth in hybrid organisations.

Not for profits moving towards income generation, growth in enterprises with a social mission and corporations adding a social lens to their everyday strategic process. As we help organisations understand and navigate this new landscape, B Corp Certification just feels right for Social Atlas and is a way of letting the world know that we live and breath the practices that we work on with our clients.

Additionally, being a part of the first Australian Shared Value Consulting Affiliate training program, I learnt more about how Social Atlas can deliver the benefits of collaborations as our corporate clients look to execute against their own purpose visions.

While we know that the market is not the solution to every one of societies problems and challenges, at Social Atlas we are excited by the opportunity to unlock the resources of the market for the benefit of society wherever we can. We are excited to see what our next year has in store. Watch this space…


B Corp™ – making purpose part of a companies DNA

Imagine if the interdependencies between corporations, community and society at large could be recognised at law. Imagine if we could redefine what success looks like for a company and allow owners, shareholders and directors to work together to achieve that success.

That is the aim and intention of the B Corp movement. In Australia, as well as providing a framework for organisations to model and assess the social health of their organisations, B Corp Australia are working toward having the concept of a benefit corporation recognised at law. While Australia has the ability to incorporate for purpose, a change of law is required to ensure that purpose can be embedded into the DNA of for profit companies.

We all know that the market has changed and consumers and employees are demanding companies be clear on their purpose and remain committed to delivering that purpose. Without legal changes to allow a director to consider this purpose when making decisions about the future and to put shareholders and investors on notice about the broader focus of the company, there is always a risk that maximising profit will take precedence without proper regard to purpose and that this decision will be justified on the basis of delivering financial value. Lynette and Michele at Social Atlas believe it is possible to deliver financial value by making decisions that further a companies purpose and the move to recognise this at law is exciting.

Until then we will continue to support those initiatives that are already making purpose a part of how good business does business well – the B Corp Accreditation process and the growth and creation of shared value.

Click here to read about the push for legal status in Australia.

To find out more about B Corp Australia visit their website here or contact us.

B-Corp – recognising sustainable business

Certified B Corporations are a new kind of company committed to meeting rigorous standards of social and environmental performance, transparency and accountability with the goal of redefining success in business.

We think that the process of BCorp certification is a highly effective independent tool that can be used to assess the social health of your organisation. Whether you are looking to get a quick snapshot or move all the way to full BCorp certification, we can help you navigate the process to deliver value.

Go to for more information about certification, or talk to us about how we can help.