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partnerships creating shared value

Well structured, strategic partnerships leads to enhanced value across all sectors.   This notion is at the heart of the shared value concept.  To find the right partner and ensure they understand your organisation, you need to be able to speak each other’s language.

With experience across the sectors, Social Atlas is perfectly placed to translate objectives to facilitate the creation of great partnerships.


Corporate dcreating competitive advantage through shared value

Corporate Social Responsibility is not a new concept. However, many companies still consider CSR separately from their business’ strategic direction.  They see CSR as a cost centre, not quite sure where it fits into the corporate structure.  We assist companies to look beyond CSR to identify strategic opportunities that add value to their business performance while delivering greater benefits for community and the environment.

We undertake a consultative process of gap analysis, stakeholder engagement and strategic planning to identify opportunities to create shared value and mutual benefit.  It can be as simple as developing a better understanding of supplier challenges and operating cycles to creating a more sustainable and profitable supply relationship or as complex as re-aligning business strategy to better capture and consider key stakeholder issues.

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not for profit

notforprofitdarkcreating a sustainable future

As sustainability challenges arise in the not for profit sector, organisations can evolve and adapt the way they deliver services to take advantage of the market economy.

Social Atlas can facilitate a consultative review of your organisation. We can help reconceptualise the way you view the delivery of your services and products and identify partnerships or new business models to help enhance your mission.

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public sector

publicdardpartnerships and project matching

We believe that governments and their agencies play a key role in the development of sustainable social enterprise models and shared value partnerships. Valuable and effective resource investment provided by this sector, is currently creating sustainable solutions in trade, aid and social service provision.

We assist all partners to re-think traditional relationships and business models to achieve non-traditional, sustainable outcomes. Governments add value by playing an active role in partnerships, supporting good business practices and encouraging a focus on sustainability.

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